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HOT! HOT! Welcome visit our booth in 122nd Canton Fair
- Sep 23, 2017 -

HOT! HOT! Welcome visit our booth in 122nd Canton Fair

Our Factory booth number:1.1C37

Time:15th-19th Oct.2017

Showing Machine:CNC Press Brake 20ton 1020mm high speed and high precision.

◆ Feature and Characters:

1. Overall structure:

This machine adopts welded steel plate; the frame consists of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, slider, CNC control system, standard die. The main parts are stress relieving.


2. Feature and Advantages:

● Advanced configuration, high precision ,high efficiency and low noise,suit for the small hardware. Efficiency and cost saving CNC hydraulic press brake;

● Using Mitsubishi control system, HITECH touch screen, the new product with highly special designed; 

● The machine has high accuracy and high strength; Y accuracy (±0.02mm );

● Ram stroke (Y) and back gauge(X, R, Z1, Z2)are controlled by CNC system;

● Back gauge is adopted ball screw and rolling guide way, X accuracy (±0.02mm),

  R accuracy (±0.05mm), Z accuracy (±0.1mm);

● High Speed. No load speed(Quick down): 150-400mm/s

            Working speed(Slow down): 5-20mm/s

           Return speed: 150mm/s

Mute: when working, less than 55db.

● A set of standard tools is provided with each machine;

● The back door open the door machine adopt totally closed off, machine on both sides of the use of

semi closed transparent protective power break;


◆ Configurations:

Processing of the key parts of the cylinder and the piston:

● Cylinder: 45# steel quenching and tempering, finish boring, extrusion

● Piston rod: 45# steel quenching and tempering, cylindrical nickel phosphorus

● Mitsubishi control system, Yaskawa servo made in Japan, Schneider electrical elements, Reer laser protection made in Italy, CE motor, Sumitomo pump made in Japan, central lubrication, punch and die are with 42CrMo material.

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