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CNC Press Brake 100ton 3200 And CNC Guillotine Shear Germany ELGO Ship Indonesia
- Mar 29, 2017 -

CNC Press Brake 100ton 3200 And CNC Guillotine Shear Germany ELGO Ship Indonesia

CNC Electric-hydraulic proportion press brake configuration:

1.1.CNC system: Italy DA66T control 4+1 axes(Y1,Y2,X,R+V)

1.2.Hydraulic system:original REXROTH Germany. 

1.3 Magnetic railings ruler:GIVI,Italy.

1.4 Motor:Siemens, Germany.

1.5 Pump:Rexroth, Germany.

1.6 Electrical element:Schneider.

1.7 Servo motor and driver:YASKAWA,Japan

1.8 Toolings:upper tools fast clamping and with compensate, lower tool with multi V.Segmented tools according to your requirement.

1.9 Seal ring: NOK,Japan.

1.10Front support with table, it can move right and left.

1.11Lower-table mechanical crowning or cylinder crowning mechanism by controlled CNC.

1.12.With safety side doors and back doors and with sensor interlocking.

1.13.Hydraulic system with security valve, with spool position and manometer

1.14With All Security equipment monitored

1.15With three emergency button, one is in foot pedal, one is in control system, one is in back doors.

Germany ELGO system CNC Guillotine shear introduction:

1.Hydraulic guillotine structures.

2.Clip-and- sleeve system.

3.Automatic clearance gap adjustment, automatic cutting stroke adjustment.

4.Automatic cutting angle adjustment by motor.

5.Blades material Cr12Mov, four side can be used, main use cut stainless steel.

6.Safe pedal with emergency button

7.Original imported hydraulic system

8.Motor: Siemens.

9.Lower noise pump.Rexroth,Germany

10.NOK Japan layer seals for main cylinders.

11.Schneider main electrics.

12.With Germany ELGO controller

13.Light alignment device

14.Back doors with safety light curtain.

15.Electrical cabinet with ABB switch power outage.

16.Back-gauge with linear guide and balls screw, servo motor and reducer control, high speed and high precision, speed:300mm/s, precision:0.04mm

17.Knife frame and machine frame heat treatment, no deformation.

18.The beam of back-gauge can be overturned, it can cut longer plate.