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CNC Press Brake 500ton 6m DA66T System Ship To France
- Aug 18, 2017 -

CNC Press Brake 500ton 6m DA66T System Ship To France

1.1.CNC system: DA66T control 6+1 axes(Y1,Y2,X,R,Z1,Z2+V)

1.2.Hydraulic system:originalRexroth Germany. 

1.3 Magnetic railings ruler:GIVI,Italy.

1.4 Motor:Siemens,Germany.

1.5 Pump: Voith,Germany.

1.6 Electrical element:Schneider.

1.7 Servo motor and driver:YASKAWA,Japan.

1.8 Toolings:upper tools fast clamping and with compensate, lower tool with multi V.Segmented tools according to your requirement.

1.9 Seal ring: NOK,Japan.

1.10Front support with table, it can move right and left.

1.11Lower-table mechanical crowning or cylinder crowning mechanism by controlled CNC.

1.12.With safety side doors and back doors and with sensor interlocking.

1.13.Hydraulic system with security valve, with spool position and manometer

1.14With All Security equipment monitored

1.15With three emergency button, one is in foot pedal, one is in control system, one is in back doors.

1.16 Light curtain protection:LNTECH(

1.17 With offline program software