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Factors Affecting Shear Resistance Of Shearing Machine Unit
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The factors that affect shear resistance of shearing machine units are as follows:

(1) Metal Property

The greater the strength limit of metallic materials, the greater the unit shear resistance, but if the lower the plasticity, shearing machine the smaller the shear depth, that is, the earlier the metal is broken, so it can be concluded that the unit shear resistance is related to the strength and plasticity of the metal.

(2) Shear temperature

The higher the temperature, the smaller the unit shear resistance, but the shear depth is larger.

(3) Deformation speed

In theory, the deformation velocity is proportional to the shear velocity in hot shear, and the effect of shear resistance on shear velocity is very small in cold shear, so it can be neglected.

(4) lateral clearance of shearing blade

When the size of the lateral clearance of the shear blade changes, the force condition of the shear can be changed. Generally, shearing machine when the gap increases gradually, the force condition of shearing is compression-shearing-bending, but if the gap is too large or too small, the unit shear resistance will increase. Therefore, should choose and maintain the appropriate clearance size, so as to control the unit shear resistance.

(5) Knife blunt radius

The size of the blunt radius of the knife will affect the size of the unit shear resistance, and the two are proportional to each other, shearing machine the larger the blunt radius of the knife, the greater the unit shear resistance.

In addition to these factors, including the pressure plate, shear blade, friction coefficient of steel plate and the geometry of the shear blade, these factors will also affect the unit shear resistance, but these factors are very small, shearing machine so it is usually negligible.