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Four-column Hydraulic Press Is Suitable For The Pressing Process Of Plasticity Material
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Four-column hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plasticity material. such as powder products molding, plastic products forming, cold (hot) Extrusion metal forming, sheet stretching and transverse pressure, bending pressure, turn through, correction and other processes. Four-column hydraulic press is the use of pressure to make the object under pressure forming.

The four-column hydraulic press is simple in structure, economical and practical. The appearance uses the octagonal shape. Four-column hydraulic machine control electrical box using glass door, PLC computer control or General Electric appliances Two kinds, with reliable work, reliable work, intuitive movement, easy maintenance. The four-column hydraulic press is divided into two kinds: The independent pressing and centralized control and the common hydraulic control.

Four-column Hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, the use of button centralized control, can be adjusted, manual and semi-automatic three types of work: four-column hydraulic press pressure, speed, no-load fast downlink and deceleration of the travel and range, can be adjusted according to the process needs, and can complete the top out process, can take the top out process, Stretching process of three kinds of technology, each process for the constant pressure, the process of two processes to choose, the constant pressure molding process after the suppression with the ejection delay and automatic return.

In the winter and worse working conditions, to the four-column hydraulic system inspection, diligent maintenance, often changing the working fluid. The storage and transshipment of working oil of four-column hydraulic press should be paid attention to, and the oil drums should be specially marked and stored well. In the winter, you should pay attention to the bucket not because the air condenses into water and mixed with oil, do not rust the bucket skin into the bucket. In winter, the four-column hydraulic engine and other mechanical systems have taken a number of preventive measures, such as cover antifreeze, heating and heat preservation, change the use of low viscosity working oil, are applicable to the hydraulic system.

In the four-column hydraulic drive system, are some of the more sophisticated parts. Hydraulic transmission of four-column hydraulic press is easy to be damaged. The hydraulic system has 3 basic "pathogenic" factors: pollution, overheating and entry into the air. These 3 factors have a close internal connection, and any one of these problems arises with one or more other problems.

Four-column hydraulic press the working fluid is spoiled by entering the dirt;

Solution: The four-column hydraulic press system Some of the main precision parts of the cleaning and assembly, should be in a very clean indoor, indoor should be clean floors and closed doors and windows, the temperature is best kept at about 200 degrees.