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How To Solve The Problem Of Noise Problem Of Hydraulic Press
- Jul 24, 2017 -

  How to solve the problem of noise problem of hydraulic press

  In the course of transmission control

  1. Reasonable design in the overall layout. When arranging the design of the factory and mine, the main noise source workshop or device of the hydraulic press should be kept away from the quiet workshop, laboratory, office, etc., hydraulic press or the high noise equipment should be concentrated as far as possible.

  2. The use of additional barriers to prevent the spread of noise, or the use of natural terrain such as hills, soil slope, woods, grass or not afraid of the tall buildings or additional structures and so on.

  3. Use the directional characteristics of the sound source to control the noise. If the high-pressure boiler exhaust, blast furnace exhaust, oxygen exhaust and other discharge toward the wilderness or the sky, to reduce the impact on the environment.

  Reduce sound source noise

  1. The transformation of hydraulic press production process and the selection of low noise hydraulic machine.

  2. Improve the machining and assembly accuracy to reduce the noise generated by mechanical vibration and friction.

  3. To high pressure, hydraulic press high-speed air flow to reduce the pressure and flow rate, or change the shape of the air nozzle.

  The protection of workers

  1. Personal protection of workers, hydraulic press such as wearing earplugs, ear helmets and other anti-noise supplies.

  2. Take workers to rotate jobs and shorten workers' working hours into high-noise environments.