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Hydraulic Press And Other Mechanical Press Compared To Have Several Major Advantages
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Hydraulic press compared with other mechanical press has the following characteristics:

1. Easy to get the maximum pressure

As the hydraulic press hydraulic drive static pressure work, power equipment can be arranged separately, can be multi-cylinder joint work, which can create a large tonnage of hydraulic press, such as 700 000 kN die forging hydraulic press. But a large forging hammer with vibration, the need for a large anvil and the ground to shock, and the crank press by the crank connecting rod strength and other restrictions, it should not be done great.

2. Easy to get a great work trip

The hydraulic press is easy to get a great working stroke and can play full pressure at any position on the trip. The nominal pressure is independent of the travel and can be stopped and returned anywhere in the trip. In this way, it is very convenient to have a process (such as deep drawing) requiring a long working trip, as well as the installation of molds, preloading, sub-loading or troubleshooting.

3. Easy access to large work space

Because it does not have a large mechanical transmission mechanism, and the cylinder can be arranged arbitrarily, so the work space is large, easy to organize automated production line.

4. Pressure and speed can be steplessly adjusted

Pressure and speed can be easily carried out in a wide range of stepless adjustment, the general three-cylinder hydraulic function is easy to get three different pressures. If the high-pressure liquid into the middle of the cylinder, then get a pressure; access to the two sides of the cylinder, then the secondary pressure; three working cylinders at the same time access to high pressure fluid, get full pressure. And according to the process requirements can be in a certain trip for a long time pressure. The hydraulic pressure can be reliably controlled, and the overload can be reliably prevented. In addition, but also easy to speed, such as slow chess to avoid the impact and so on.

5. Standardization of hydraulic components

Hydraulic components have been applied, standardized, serialized, these to the hydraulic press design and manufacturing to bring convenience, and hydraulic operation is convenient, easy to achieve remote control and automation.

The advantages of hydraulic press many, but there are some shortcomings, there are still the main problems are as follows.

① Because of the use of high-pressure liquid as the working medium (mechanical oil or emulsion), so the accuracy of the hydraulic components of the higher requirements, the structure is more complex, the adjustment of the machine more difficult to repair, and the current liquid leakage problem is difficult to avoid, Environment, waste of pressure oil, but also in the thermal processing plant when there is the risk of fire.

② liquid flow pressure loss, and thus less efficient · high-speed movement is particularly low efficiency, so fast small hydraulic press crank press is simple and flexible.

Because hydraulic press has many advantages, it is widely used in industrial production. Especially in forging, stamping production in the application of a long history, for large pieces of hot forging, large deep drawing process, even more superiority.

With the rapid development of the plastics industry, it has occupied a very important position in the plastic molding process, processing thermosetting plastics, rubber products and tetrafluoroethylene cold blanks and other major compression molding machinery, and can process long glass fiber and flake The thermal properties of the filler plastic, the physical properties and mechanical properties of its products is better than injection molding products.