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Hydraulic Press Is The Output Device
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Hydraulic press is the output device, the hydraulic control system is better understood, that is to control the size of the liquid drive pressure, the Hydraulic Press is the input device, and the power system is connected to the input and output of the intermediate transmission equipment. Hydraulic Press is a hydraulic control system and power system composed of liquid as the transmission medium for energy transfer of mechanical equipment.

  One-way valve is the most important device of the hydraulic press, the role of hydraulic press than the valve in animal blood vessels, allowing only one-way through, do not allow the liquid back. Hydraulic oil is through the check valve into the upper or lower chamber of the cylinder, with the help of high pressure oil to promote the work of the cylinder, the liquid transported out to the implementation of mechanical kinetic energy and then converted into mechanical energy, is shown to be mechanical shock. Hydraulic press is the basis of heavy industry development of the propeller, it is with the help of these powerful forces we were able to build a more large machinery and equipment.

  The principle of the hydraulic press is based on the liquid pressure inside the sealed container is equal to achieve. Hydraulic Press capacity is very strong, mainly for forging, stamping and other needs of a strong mechanical impact of the work. The shape of the hydraulic press can be described as domineering leakage, the reason to be able to provide a strong mechanical impact depends on its giant like the huge body. No matter how the hydraulic press changes with the times, no matter how the shape changes, but it works is always so direct, simple and effective.