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Lubricant Use Factor Of Shearing Machine
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The lubrication of shearing machine is an important measure to reduce the wear of parts in operation and to avoid malfunction. The lubricating oil has deteriorated--modern lubricating oil, to improve its lubricating performance have added a proper amount of various additives. Lubricating oil with additive tends to darken the bearing surface during use, which is also a normal phenomenon. Therefore, in determining whether the lubricating oil has deteriorated, we can not only rely on the visual judgement, to carry out according to the machine prescription the oil grades delineated. To determine the refueling capacity of equipment lubrication, to prevent extravagance, management equipment leakage, to determine the lubrication parts of equipment, lubrication points and checkpoints, according to the machine prescription time to refuel, add oil and cleaning oil, to ensure timely lubrication. Determine the lubrication work of the operator or maintenance workers, the responsibility to the people when the conditions should be tested for oil, to achieve quality change. The poor lubrication of the shearing machine leads to a fever biting wait accident. Therefore, lubrication work is one of the important contents of the maintenance of shearing machine.

A further investigation of the Heat treatment workshop of the shearing machine found that the temperature of the quenching furnace and the actual temperature deviation in the furnace is larger than that of the instrument, which has produced the phenomenon of "overheating", which makes the normal fine grain steel coarse, it is more sensitive to quenching cracking than fine grain steel. It is more important to use quenching and cooling medium in $number steel. The cooling speed of quenching cooling medium is not only to make the cooling speed of the workpiece more than the critical quenching speed of the steel, but also to ensure the cooling temperature of the workpiece at the same point. Because the workpiece in the cooling of its table and all parts of the temperature difference is too large, resulting in inconsistent thermal expansion and contraction of heat stress.

The quenching agent used in the workshop for a long time does not replace the water contained in the brine content has not been able to determine the cooling capacity at all points can not be consistent. It is known that quenching cooling is an important part of quenching process and it should ensure that the steel is obtained by martensite during cooling. The difference of the specific capacity of the Austenite transformation product can also cause the stress thermal stress and the superposition of the tissue stress in the steel to produce the internal stress. When the internal stress increases, the steel shearing machine will cause the bending deformation of the roll and the internal stress is greater than the breaking limit, it will crack along the root of the thread groove.

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