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Shearing Machine Cutting Pressure Is Not Enough To Solve
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Shearing machine shear pressure is not enough, shearing fixed waste, what is the reason, how to solve? 1, the hydraulic system working pressure is normal, if low to adjust the pressure to the rated working pressure 2, to determine whether the oil pump leak, if the leakage to be replaced 3, the cylinder is leaked, if the leakage need to replace the seal. The hydraulic oil is transported to the integrated cartridge valve block through the working principle of the hydraulic circuit of the shearing machine, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper chamber or the lower chamber of the cylinder through the check valves and the relief valve. Under the action of the high pressure oil , So that the cylinder to cut the movement! Check the manifold under electromagnetic conditions, conditional can be cleaned with diesel oil.

Shear resistance of hydraulic shears

In general, the shear resistance of hydraulic shears is related to factors such as steel sheet raw material, shear temperature, shear rate, blade edge shape, Shearing machine cutting blade clearance and relative cutting depth. Specifically,

Metal properties: the higher the strength limit of the material, the greater the shear resistance, but the lower the plasticity.

Shear temperature: mainly refers to the steel plate shear temperature, the higher the temperature, the smaller the shear resistance, the relative cut into the depth of the larger.

Deformation speed: theoretically, the deformation speed is proportional to the shear rate, and shear resistance is also proportional to the speed of deformation, Shearing machine but in the cold shear, the deformation speed can not be considered.

Knife blunt radius: the greater the blunt radius of the knife, the greater the shear resistance