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The Advantage Of Hydraulic System In Hydraulic Press
- Oct 24, 2017 -

1. Hydraulic press system can guarantee the quality of construction. Because the loose-card jack has adjustable (micro-drop) function, the lifting height can be controlled more precisely.

2. The adaptability of the hydraulic machine equipment is strong. Hydraulic machine complete sets of equipment as long as the increase or decrease in hydraulic hoist (that is, loose card jacks, lifting racks, lifting rods, etc.) can be applied to thousands of cubic meters to tens of thousands of cubic meters of different volumes of large storage tanks (or steel masts, communications towers and steel minarets, etc.) of the hydraulic lifting construction.

3. The equipment is easy to operate, the construction environment is good, the work efficiency is high.

4. Hydraulic lifting is stable, safe and reliable. Hydraulic press because of the use of hydraulic unified control, and can be a single or local (a few) adjustments, so the whole process of ascension will be relatively stable. The structure characteristic of the loose-card jack determines that its Self-Locking property is good, and will not cause the tank body or heavy weight to decline or fall due to power failure, and the hydraulic lifting process is safe and reliable.

The hydraulic drive system of hydraulic press is based on the pressure change, the system pressure is high, the flow is big, the power is big. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improve the power utilization of the original motive and to prevent the shock and vibration when releasing pressure, so as to ensure safe and reliable.

Hydraulic press is one of the earliest hydraulic transmission machinery, the current hydraulic transmission has become the main driving mode of pressure processing machinery. In heavy machinery manufacturing, aviation industry, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industry, hydraulic machine has become an important equipment. Hydraulic press is the use of hydraulic transmission technology for pressure processing equipment, can be used to complete a variety of forging and compression forming process. For example, the forging of steel, the forming of metal structure, the repression of plastic products and rubber products.

According to the pressing process, the hydraulic press requires the main cylinder to complete a fast downward pressure reduction to suppress one pressure delay return one stop (any position) of the basic working cycle, and pressure, speed and pressure time to be able to adjust. The top-out hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for jacking out the workpiece, which is required to achieve the ejection, return and stop action. If the sheet is stretched, it also requires the ejection of the hydraulic cylinder to rise, stop and pressure return to the auxiliary action.

Hydraulic press in the main movement of the main actuator (main cylinder) may output the maximum pressure (tonnage) as the main specifications of the hydraulic press, and has been serialized. The tonnage of the top cylinder usually adopts 20% of the main cylinder tonnage 50%. The top cylinder of the extruder can be l0% around the main tonnage. Double-action stretching hydraulic press cylinder tonnage, generally using the tensile cylinder tonnage of about 60%.