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The Function Of The Working Medium Used By The Hydraulic Press
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The working medium used by the hydraulic press is not only to transfer pressure, but also to ensure that the working parts of the machine are sensitive, reliable, long life and less leakage.

The basic requirement of the hydraulic press to the working medium is: ① has the suitable fluidity and low compressibility, in order to improve the transmission efficiency, ② has good lubricating property, ③ can prevent rust, ④ is easy to seal, ⑤ performance is stable, long term work without deterioration.

The hydraulic press initially uses water as the working medium, later uses in the water to add a small amount of emulsified oil to become the emulsion, in order to increase lubrication and reduce rust. In the late 19th century, oil-hydraulic press with mineral oil as working medium appeared. Oil has good lubricity, anti-corrosion and moderate viscosity, and is conducive to improving the performance of hydraulic press. In the late 20th century century, a new water-based emulsion was developed, and the emulsification of water-based emulsion was "oil-water", not the original "water package oil". "Oil-coated water" emulsion of the external phase is oil, its lubricity and corrosion resistance close to the oil, and oil content is very small, not easy to burn. But the price of water-based emulsion is more expensive, limiting its popularity.

Hydraulic press is a pressing process suitable for plasticity material. such as powder products molding, plastic products forming, cold (hot) Extrusion metal forming, sheet stretching and transverse pressure, bending pressure, turn through, correction and other processes.

Attention should be paid to the storage and transfer of working oil. The oil drums should be specially marked and covered up. In the winter, you should pay attention to the bucket not because the air condenses into water and mixed with oil, do not rust the bucket skin into the barrel. Winter to the engine and other mechanical systems to take a number of preventive measures, such as cover antifreeze, heat insulation, change the use of low viscosity working oil, are applicable to the hydraulic system.

In the winter and worse working conditions, to the hydraulic machine system inspection, diligent maintenance, often changing the working fluid.

Common faults and maintenance methods of two-column hydraulic press: In the hydraulic transmission system, are some more precise parts. The mechanical hydraulic drive is easy to save labor, but it is easily damaged. The main reason is that it is not clear about its working principle and construction characteristics, and thus does not know its preventive and maintenance methods.

The hydraulic system has 3 basic "pathogenic" factors: pollution, overheating and entry into the air. Any one of these 3 factors will cause another or more problems to arise.

Hydraulic system 75% The cause of "disease" is caused by these three. 1. The working oil is deteriorated by entering the Dirt 2. Overheating 3. Enter the Air solution: the system of some of the main precision parts of the cleaning and assembly, should be in a very clean indoor, indoor should be clean floors and closed doors and windows, the temperature is best kept at around 200C.