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The Hydraulic Press Uses Liquid As A Medium To Transfer Energy
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  The Hydraulic Press uses liquid as a medium to transfer energy

  Hydraulic Press tool to 2-20MPA liquid pressure as the power source, external three-phase AC380V ~ 50HZ or three-phase AC220 ~ 60HZ AC power supply.

  Hydraulic Press to liquid as a medium to transfer energy, Hydraulic Press using advanced sub-cylinder hydraulic circuit, low oil temperature, air travel speed are more than 150MM / s, working speed of 30 MM / sec or less.

  Hydraulic press up and down when the noise is no more than 75 decibels.

  The hydraulic press adopts the four-post three-plate structure. The vertical precision of the movable board is controlled by four precision guide sets, and the parallel precision of the working face and the working face is 0.1MM or less.

  The hydraulic press has a waste blowing assembly and a waste hopper is opened in the center of the lower table.

  The punching point of the hydraulic press is generally controlled by the pressure switch and the position sensor.

  Hydraulic Press with automatic counting function, sub-manual and semi-automatic two kinds of control, manual can be pressed on the mold in any range, with emergency pick up button, can also be installed infrared hand device.

  Hydraulic press pressure, stroke, punching speed, blowing time, closed height customers can adjust their own, easy to operate.

  Hydraulic system of the hydraulic system built-in fuel tank bottom, the appearance of clean, stable.

  Hydraulic Press output range of 15tf.-200tf optional.

  The scope of application of hydraulic press: die-casting trimming machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic press, die-casting machine edge machine, hydraulic cutting machine, trimming machine, aluminum products edge machine, aluminum and magnesium products trimming machine