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The Main Difference Of Vane Pump In Hydraulic Press
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  The Main Difference of Vane Pump in Hydraulic Press

  1. In the pressure-limited variable vane pump, when the blade is in the oil pressure area, the bottom of the blade through the pressure oil, Hydraulic Press when the blade is in the oil absorption area, the bottom of the blade through the suction chamber, so that the top and bottom of the blade of the basic pressure , Which avoids the problem that the quantitative vane pump is severely worn on the inner surface of the stator in the suction zone. If the pressure oil is still present at the bottom of the suction chamber blade, the top of the blade will give the inner surface with a greater frictional force, thereby weakening the effect of pressure feedback.

  2. Pressure-limiting variable The blade of the vane pump also has the inclination angle, but the inclination direction is opposite to that of the double acting vane pump. Hydraulic Press This is because the upper and lower pressure of the blade of the vane pump is balanced, and the leaf is mainly dependent on the outward movement Its rotation of the centrifugal inertia, according to mechanical analysis, such a tilt reverse is more conducive to the role of the blade in the centrifugal inertia out.

  3. Pressure limiting variable vane pump structure is complex, the contour size is large, the relative movement of the mechanical parts, the leakage is large, Hydraulic Press the shaft to bear unbalanced radial hydraulic pressure, noise, volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency are not quantitative leaves Pump height; however, it can automatically adjust the flow according to the load pressure, the efficiency of the use of more reasonable, can reduce the oil heat.