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The Shearing Machine Safety Technical Requirements
- Dec 08, 2016 -

The Shearing Machine Safety Technical Requirements

Shearing machine is more widely used in machining a shearing equipment, it can cut all kinds of thickness of the steel plate materials. Shearing machine is divided into common flat cutting, slitting and vibration cutting three types. Shearing machine is use more. Less than 10 mm thickness shear shearing machine for mechanical transmission, more than 10 mm for hydraulic transmission. Pedal or button control is commonly used in single or continuous cutting metal. Operation of the shearing machine should be paid attention to:

Should be inspected carefully before they are (1), the working parts of the shearing machine is normal, electrical equipment are in good condition, the lubrication system was clear; Removal of mesa and placed around a tools, measuring tool and other debris and marginal waste.

(2), not one person alone shearing machine operation, should be coordinated by 2-3 people to material, dimension precision control and take the material, etc., and determine the unified command by 1 person.

(3), according to the provisions of the shear layer thickness, adjusting plate shears scissors gap. No shear at the same time two kinds of different specifications, different materials, sheet metal; Shall not fold material shear. Shear sheet for surface smooth, no shear unable to compress a narrow sheet.

(4), shearing machine, belt, flywheel, gear and shaft and other moving parts must be installed protective cover.

(5), shearing machine, the operator feed fingers away from the scissors should keep a distance of at least 200 mm, and leave the clamping device. Placed on the shear the trigger protective fence cannot hold off parts of the operator's eyes, but can't see the cutting. Homework is angular stuff, the operator should keep clear of in time, prevent stabbed, incision.