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What Are The Shear Resistance Of Hydraulic Shearing Machine?
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  What are the shear resistance of hydraulic Shearing Machine? How is the hydraulic shearing machine used? What are the operating rules for hydraulic tilting shears? These three questions are what we should know the content, if you do not understand, it can not be a good use of it, now answer the following.

  First, the hydraulic shearing machine shear resistance

  In general, the shear resistance of hydraulic shears is related to factors such as steel sheet raw material, shear temperature, shear rate, blade edge shape, cutting blade clearance and relative cutting depth. Specifically,

  Metal properties: the higher the strength limit of the material, the greater the shear resistance, but the lower the plasticity.

  Shear temperature: mainly refers to the steel plate shear temperature, the higher the temperature, the smaller the shear resistance, the relative cut into the depth of the larger.

  Deformation speed: theoretically, the deformation speed is proportional to the shear rate, and shear resistance is also proportional to the speed of deformation, but in the cold shear, the deformation speed can not be considered.

  Knife blunt radius: the greater the radius of the knife blunt, the greater the shear resistance.

  Second, the use of hydraulic shears

  1. should be idle several cycles to ensure that under normal circumstances, can be cut into different thickness of the sheet.

  2. When performing the shear test, adjust the different thickness and clearance of the blade to ensure its durability.

  3. In the shear process should open the pressure gauge switch, observe the oil, the shear stress should not be greater than 20MPa, the general factory set the pressure of 20-22MPa.

  4. When the machine is running, it should be no noise, if noisy, should immediately stop inspection, scissors blade operation temperature should be less than 60 degrees.

  Third, the hydraulic tilting shear machine operating procedures

  The operating procedure of the hydraulic tilting shears is divided before work, during work and after work.

  Before work

  Before the air run test, make sure that the drive is normal, the oil in the hydraulic system tank is sufficient, and the system is closed.

  Work in

  (1) the thickness of the shear plate material, should be based on "limit strength and thickness of the plate diagram" to determine.

  (2) the gap between the cutter plate should be adjusted according to the thickness of the metal plate, but not more than 1/30 plate.

  (3) edge of the blade should be kept sharp, such as the emergence of blunt or crack, should be replaced.

  After work

  (1) The knife on the disc should be placed in the lower position.

  (2) to clean, to confirm the machine has been completely stopped.