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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

The hydraulic control system of the hydraulic bending machine is a central brain for the bending machine itself. In the production of the bending machine, high automation rate and standardization rate are required. Therefore, the hydraulic system is also limited to the hydraulic control mode, and the different structural types and principles of these methods have been generally recognized by the market.
1. Central control block
The central control block form is the synthesis of three control blocks into one control block. It is mainly used in some special structure bending machines. Due to the control, the connecting pipe between the control block and the two stamping hydraulic cylinders must be arranged symmetrically, and the maximum allowable spacing (about 3 m) between the two hydraulic cylinders must be ensured. Therefore, the central control block should be arranged as much as possible. In the center of the machine.
2. three control blocks
This style has three control blocks. Two main control blocks with associated intermediate plate filling valves are mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinders, providing a pipe-free connection between the main control block and the hydraulic cylinder chamber. The main control block of the bending machine is mainly composed of important proportional directional control valve, position monitoring directional control valve and back pressure component.
3. Sensor and shaft interface distributor
In the application of the bending machine, the central control block concentrates all the solenoid valves in one control block. Similarly, the electrical connections of the valves are also concentrated on one cable line to realize the common connection. For this purpose, an interface distributor is also provided on the central control block of the bending machine.
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