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3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

3 Roller Plate Bending Machine

Mechanical Level Down 3-roller Plate Bend ing Machine Features of Mechanical Level Down 3-roller Plate Rolling Machine: The top roller of this plate bending machine can lift and two bottom rollers can move horizontally separately or synchronously. Each bottom roller performs the functions of...

Product Details

    This equipment composed of work frame , upper roll device , main drive device, down roll device, side roll device, overturn  device ,hydraulic system(parts) , electricity system(parts), and  lubricate device.


Main low-voltage electric elements: SCHNEIDER/ OMRON

Rollers:Material 45# precision forging  

Top roller temper HB260~280  

Bottom roller temper HB220~250    

Roller surface quench rigidity HRC45~50

Roller surface quench deepness 3~5mm

Down oil cylinder:Tempered steel 45#,boring inner hole,Rolling press, grind

Piston lever: tempered steel 45#,plating nickel and phosphor outside.

Main Features

1. The Machine designed based on Germany Technology.
2. Upper-roll fixed, the two bottom rollers go up and down in arc around a fixed center simultaneously or separately.
3. Pre-bending, rolling and round calibration can be completed in one pass (without turn the plate back).
4. All 3 rollers are driven, which ensure better feeding and bending both in thick and thin plate.
5. Due to the close location of the three roll, the small diameter rolling and round calibration can be achieved.
6. Easy to operate, diversification rolling available.
7. Very little fault in roller movement.

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