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A roller press is a machine that processes a polished rod. Light rods (also called piston rods, etc.) are generally used in motors, cylinders, cylinders, valves, linear bearings, pumping units, and the like. As a kind of high-efficiency heat transfer element, threaded pipe is widely used in boiler products. Nearly all shell-and-shell fuel oil and gas boilers use threaded pipes. Therefore, low-cost, high-efficiency and batch processing of threaded pipes has become a focus of concern for boiler manufacturers. one.
This machine is a more advanced thread tube processing machine in the same industry and has the following characteristics.
(1) The high-speed shaft of the special-purpose transmission system, that is, the connection between the motor and the pulley is equipped with a centrifugal friction clutch, which can reduce the starting torque and the dynamic load of the transmission member, making the starting easy and ensuring reliable operation.
(2) The transmission system adopts a first-class worm gear and worm drive, and the structure is simple.
(3) The operating mechanism adopts the jaw clutch to roll the threaded pipe of different pipe diameters, which can be stopped at any time during the rolling process, which is convenient for measurement, which is conducive to saving materials and reducing costs, which is not available in other ways.
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